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Onea Africa strives to be a more capable and superior competitor in the market that provides value and quality. We focus on enhancing Internet connection, direct marketing, social media setup and marketing, as well as offering dependable services to assist in moving the company closer to your objectives.

We are Onea Africa


  • Onea Africa Offers a creative way of connecting and helping South Africans to enhance their lives’ by building networking infrastructures that will improve internet connection and provide a gate way to a digital world of prosperity.


  • Our vision is to Enable individuals and their business in connecting them to create meaningful conversations through providing reliable infrastructure to browse the present moments, exchange their thoughts and create value together
Onea Africa
We extend your WiFi signal based on the House Setting and is impacted by our experiences. We increase your WiFi coverage while keeping the same speed and functionality over Ethernet wire from your router.
Onea Africa
Our distinctiveness is centered on providing high-quality solutions that may not necessitate our return unless you require an upgrade. Fast connection at your door step
Without losing signal, you may use the internet from anywhere in your premises and work at full WiFi speed. Without any disruptions from connectivity, you can watch your shows online or go to meetings.
We create a world-class solution with the help of your input. Through our creativity, we contribute to the development of an engaging professional image for your online brand. We have a solution to your online absence.

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